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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

love or a Business proposal.

I have been told there were times when  meeting your soulmate were as easy as eating a pie. A typical love story would start with the guy approaching a girl, explaining how he saw her and felt instant connection. As simple as that. Does that kind of story still happen in this world or are they just left there to be told as a story??

Here is the modern version of the same story. Guy meets girl, guy flirts with the girl. Girl adds him on facebook and before the poor guy even gets to show his charm he is already being judged by thousands of people from all around the world. Call me old fashion but do you not see how ridiculous relationship has become? I mean, sure we are "modernized" and things have changed, but is the change heading us towards a better civilization or towards a civilization where relation is just a business proposal? 

Now imagine a guy like myself, with anxiety and self esteem issues , do you think i will be capable of finding my soulmate in this world driven by social media? and even if i did, do you think she will bear long enough for me to get pass my issues and show her group my true self? Do i even have a shot at true love?

What is true love? Does loving a person, just because they were approved by some random people from your social group, a real love? especially considering you don't know half of the people in it. I mean is that what love is? If it is, then i don't see any difference between a guy seeking for love and a guy pitching his business proposal to his client, after all the only thing that matters is how impressed the client is, be it your business client or the girl you love. Is getting approval from the people you don't even know so important that you let them judge who you are going to live your life with? 

Ever since i can remember, i have been fed with this idea of  love but yet no one has come close enough to explain me exactly what love means. So i came up with my own explaination. love is putting your heart out and hoping for the best. I consider being in love as a privilege that only some of us get to have. Gentleman character is no more enough to impress a girl and a bouquet of red roses aren't enough to express your love. People want to know more, they want to know what you do for living and how much do you earn and if thats not bad enough they wanna know which god do you pray to.  

Sure love at first sight would be awesome but life is not a movie and there is no pre written script of life. Just a decades ago computer, telephone and internet were rare thing to see, in fact most of us had not even seen or heard about it until 20th century. Now even a kid in preschool owns it. In just few decades we have taken ourselves from land to sea and air. We have evolved and so did love i guess. Love is no more the only factor that governs our life anymore. Time has changed and alone with it dragged the people . May be love is a business proposal after all  and i am just being naive.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Inside me

Nobody knows the real me,
Nobody knows the inside of me.
I crave for attention,
I hunger for love.
I try to keep people happy,
I try and look happy.
But nobody knows the real me,
Nobody knows the inside of me.
They think i  am crazy,
They think i am lazy but
Nobody know what happens,
Inside that locked door of my room.
Dreams seems more painful then reality,
living seems more painful then death.
Crying seems more helpful then smiling
Night seems more lovable then day,
For nobody knows the real me,
Nobody knows the inside of me.  
I am a lonely soul trapped within,
Trying to fly free like the wind.
The day the soul breaks free,
The day when the locked doors open,
They shall remember me for then
Everybody will know the real me
Everybody will know the inside of me.