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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Life in College

When i was in high school i always wondered how my life would be when i was in college. I would often imagine myself as a college student and try and feel how it felt but it never felt right. I heard my friends describing it as the best and most enjoyable days of their life but i also heard them talking about being bullied. On top of that, there is always the television showing teens in college have fun doing whatever they want. Every time i saw one of those episode i would just lie down and think about how i would like my college life to be.

Waking up at 9 getting dressed in jeans with a shirt, carrying bottle of water and putting on my slippers. Once in the college walking to canteen taking my breakfast with all my high school friends. Playing guitar in college and singing with my friends as though we were in a studio rather then a college canteen and of course classes taken by teachers who were rather like a friend then teacher in high school. Those were the things i imagined and expected whenever i though of my college life.

Finally the day came and I was don with my high school. I said good bye to my school. A month later i joined my college Osmani medical college in Bangladesh. I was welcomed by my seniors with arms wide open. I sure felt at that moment i was going to have so much fun as a college student. Then the college days started and slowly classes started. Day by day the pressure started increasing and books started piling up. I started staying late till 12 and waking up as early at 6. It was fine i was having fun.

A week later normal viva exams or as it is called here a "item" started. That is  when i knew college life was no fun. Every single day there was this pressure of completing the item on time and getting pass mark. I waited for weekend to come not because we were going out on week ends, it was because i would get an extra day to complete whatever were left behind. A month passed and still i was stuck with the books.

I never went to town more then once a month not because i was really busy and had no time. I sure had time but when i had time my seniors were busy and their busy and my busy is at different lever. Their busy would be like no time to talk and my its more like time to take but no time to waste. Time passed by and it was already a year and a half since i was there. 1st professional examination time or as we describe it here as "The never ending exam". I had never in my life though an exam would last for more then a month and still continued for another 2 month.I didn't had papers every day but the pressure of exam, the worst pressure ever and i took that pressure for more then 3 months. I had to actually take some medication (of course self prescribed) just to sleep at night because of anxiety. After a long months of exam it finally ended and i swear when it ended it felt so good. I can hardly explain how it feels. It was like being out of a cage or a prison and free of everything. It was like having a orgasm it felt that good.

Once the exam ended i though the worst part was over but no it had only started. Now i am in 3rd year and my college life sucks ever more. I wake up at 6:30am and run to attend my lecture without washing my face or brushing at 7am. Once we are done with an hour long lecture and when i say an hr it actually feels a lot longer when you are hungry and in half sleep,i go to canteen and eat my breakfast. I have to finish the breakfast within 5 mins because at 8 we have another lecture. At 9 we go for ward classes, see some patient and listen to what the teachers has to teach and do those things while we are standing in nutshell we stand for almost 2 hrs. Then after that a lecture and a tutorial class. With that ends the college time but the day is far from getting end.

Once we are in room we talk for a while mostly study related and hardly other things, then sleep for a while and back to studies. Once a week we go out to eat and try to have fun but no matter how hard we try our sub conscious mind always tries to remind us how much studies you have to do once you are back to your room.

Waking at 9, having fun at college and going for sight seeing has become like a mission impossible to us. The fun we have comes from watching movies and series which are also by the way all medical related ( house, grays anatomy and ER). Thinking of it rite now my life was way better when i was at high school and screw you those who said life at college is going to be fun.

Anyways that is how my life is in college. Its not all dark we sure do have fun sometimes but its all erased away by the stuff i do in every day of my life. All and all thats how life in college is like it or not.