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Thursday, 24 November 2011

A time in life.....

There comes a time when you just want to leave everything and be alone. A time when you cant think of anything. A time when breathing seems much more tougher then dying, A time when you feel you are the cursed one. A time when you find your self standing alone in a cold winter and nowhere else to go.

When that time comes i want you to remember this that you are not the only one. There are people in this world who are not sure if they will survive to see the next day or not and people who are not sure if they will take another breath or not. There are babies who were thrown by the very mother who gave them birth and left alone to survive in this harsh world. There are people who are not sure if they will have anything to eat in the evening if they had eaten something in the morning. There are people who are going through worst then what you are going through.

You had a great childhood where as there are kids who had to work their ass off just to make enough money to survive. There are kids whose hands were cut off so that they could earn more money begging through sympathy. There are kids who had to sleep with strangers even before knowing what it ment not because they wanted but because they had no one to take care of them. There are kids whose parents left them to die in the streets. No matter what they had to do they still managed to survive. They survived because they were strong and they believed that things are going to change.

You think you are being punished by god but think of those who don't have a shelter to save them from cold winter and those who have nothing to eat and have to stay hungry for days. Think of those who are fighting for just a seep of water and think of those who have no hands to do work. Think of those babies who are born with disabilities, what did they do to be born like that??, yet they are born with disabilities because that is how it was suppose to be and we can do nothing but accept that fact and live with it.

When life takes somethings from you it always gives you other things. You can't say you are being punished just because something bad has happened to you now. You had great childhood where you could enjoy every moment. You had great parents who guided you and made you are good human. Only some of us gets to have such childhood. Life is never fair to you, me or anyone, thats just how it works. We cant blame anyone for that nor can we fight back. BUTTTTTTTTTTT what we can do is stand up to it. Life takes something from you so still got others things with you and you should be happy with that for there are some who have none.

So whenever you find yourself stuck in the time of loneliness think of those who have no choice then to live with it for you can still get out of it.