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Thursday, 25 November 2010

new girlfriend

I made a new girlfriend but this time i m not kidding she is THE ONE for me. she makes my day better takes away all my tentions and i feel so good to talk with her. Well we come from different world but she understands me so well...we think alike we do alike and now i found out that she is also as sensitive as me hahaha GOD thanks for giving me her.....i feel lucky to have her around me. At least i can be at ease when i am with her.
Pressure of  bones, muscles and organs makes life difficult to live here. Moreover the place it self sucks a big time. BOYS CANT WEAR A HALF-PANT AND MOVE AROUND what the heckk is that...we have to be always in pants out of campus or inside.......


  1. Dr. Sagar, is the girl in the picture your girlfriend? wow, forgive me, for once I fell in love with her... but soon I remembered my wife and controlled my feelings. Nice girl you got. Where is she from? Say hi!

  2. sagarji....she is beautiful!!!!!!!!

    dnt tell me u did some jantar mantar....LOL

  3. she is from half way other side of this world sir hahaha