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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Good Morning

Classes resumed after the holidays. Felt good to be back to college but the exams are really nearing. Within a month there are lots of exams. Its getting tougher and tougher. I dont know if i can handle the pressure or not. I woke up at 2am today because i had to complete something.
Cant believe even after all this time i still miss my mom and dad. Mom calls me almost every day and dad. She sometimes starts crying which makes more difficult for me. I have never been a mile away from my home and now all of a sudden i am here so far away from home in a completely different world. We try and act we are good but the fact is everybody here they are  not ok. I stay with my seniors in a apartment, and we do what ever we can to make every single day to be fun but with all this pressure of studies its all the same. Now a days i have even started dreaming of my books hahahahah funny na.
Anyways all my exams scheduled for this week is postponed which is good for me because i was not at all prepared hahahah

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  1. nice to see u bloggings.., looks like ur exams are near but seems u r very much tensed. Yah, staying away frm parents for the first time nad dat also with lots of barriers in between, it will be painful but, for fruit of education is bitter, bear it and try to fucus on ur aim,
    lots of wishes, and yah, keep posting,,
    gt a time u can follow my blog as well.